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Analyzing Graphs


Loving the trading at the moment mate, not risking too much but nice small steady profits. I think some people might like to hear what you plan on doing with the trades, like if you plan to sell relatively soon or hold for a while. I work a 9-5 at the moment so it's hard to track the graph but that's my thought g you're killing it.

Stock Exchange


Just a quick message to say thanks for everything to this point, its been fun and the beginning for you no doubt. The learning so far has been really interesting, although the wins have been super, think its brilliant how your accountable when things don't go your way, even though its things beyond your control. The analysis and breakdown is second to none. You want people to win, but also only manage the risk they can afford, that's what makes you different, genuinely looking out, thanks!

Dollar Notes

D McCullough

Loving the trades and analysis mate. You have been killing it, does really show that hard work pays off! Hoping to join lifetime at the end of the month. Keep up the good work!

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